Monday, November 23

Short update

Hi Stupid Idiot Buffalo!

I'm the least creative when it comes to giving a name to something. Be it hashtag, caption or blog. Let's hope my husband has better creativity in giving name to our children next time.

I'm preparing to go for a short stint to Houston soon, like next month to join my hubby for white Christmas.

One of the bucket list to be crossed out soon - working overseas. Hope everything goes well and I'll do a great job! It's a global marketing role and let's pray that my lame and limited creativity will bring me far.

For leaner body, I bought myself a yellow kettle bell. I very semangat to do it like twice a day in the past...2 days. Really wanna see results in reduced weight or leaner body. I wanna see abs line...or tight gap. Shallow...but that's my goal really. HAHA

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