Monday, August 11

cycle of life

I know things will never get back like the past, because it has already past to begin with. I never intend to get something back based on sympathy and empathy.

You're wrong, this is not a emo post, babe.

Just a piece of feeling, of how i see things in us.

It's impossible to patch things, i knew since the beginning. I just want to have fun. excitement with you, as a friend. of course more than friends, but only for the time being, when I still have those little feelings for you.

Don't worry, i can foresee, in one months time, I will get better, and shall not bugging you like a bugger anymore. hence, you shall have all your time with your dearest friends and a princess perhaps.

and me?

enjoying around.

and this is just a cycle of anyone's life.

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