Tuesday, August 12


how are you guys been doing? this is a very random post, because I'm too bored and free at office now. No one is free to entertain me and i have no topics to start a conversation with friends in Gtalk.

Currently feeling little unwell. Most probably due to the lack of sleeps while in UTP the other weekend.

Life is so contradicting isn't it?

I miss home, but i think going home will not able to cure my homesick. Things has not get any better, which I assume, something seriously bad is going to happen, soon. I have no idea what to expect. All i can is to pray nothing stupid will happen. They are adults right? But mentality is still low, which pissed me off really.

Life is so contradicting isn't it?
When two in love, can leads to relationship. But in order to remain a good relationship, the two must not selfish and always think of oneself only. They must learn to accept and adapt to the opposite characters and emotions. Without proper understanding of each other's needs, there is no future. But with love alone, how far can the couple go? Is it so hard to remain in relationship after so many misunderstandings and quarrels?

Life is so contradicting isn't it?
You need money and when you have a decent paid part-time job, you choose to reject it because you feel like going on holidays. But you do need some money in order to go holidays right? As if, you have your friends to go holidays with.

Life is so contradicting isn't it?
When you have no work to do, you argued you're bored to death. when you have shit loads of work, you whine. too much work can die.

Life is so contradicting isn't it?
When he/she is yours, you ignored and complain.
when he/she is going for other people, you beg for return.

Aiseh man, life is so ridiculous. how to feel contented like that? Really sick of life, or only my life is sucks?



  1. Hey ashlee..
    well i guess life sucks sometimes.. and its not called life if it were to be a bed of roses.

    imagine if life were forever smooth going with no pain, no hurts, all we have is joy and peace then we will get bored of it and try to do something different.

    but thats just life.

    don't be so down ya.. :D *pats* ;)

  2. ouuuu.. edrea, ur wisdom words somehow makes me awaken.

    yeah,humans are bad, always find fault even though its bed of roses. :)

    thanks..... :)