Thursday, August 21

Me love these moments

I love the togetherness.I love the companionship.
I love the candid pictures
I love the food
I love the party
I love being silly
I love being rabbit
I love the roadside excited
I love my bo-syiok-ness face, which many other hate it.
I love the insecureness of the Kl life
I love hantu-ing
I love the middle-finger moments together with lansi face. SoH code.
I love beach
I love the attention
I love my babes

I love the expressions

The captions may sound stupid but it holds significant meaning for those involved. I really miss those sweet time i had with everyone. You need to be in, in order to feel the joy and laughters. :D :) :O :S :@ :]


  1. this topic remind me about my childhood time..
    remind me ablout my crazy time with lovely friends.. go yam cha, go long kai.. go kap chai..go ur house play

  2. ahhaha.. yea yea... btw, dun make urself sounds so old le... u r always welcomed to play mahjong at my house.. hahahhaha
    I think those longkai, yam cha, kap chai is in TelukIntan-ers' blood. what ya think?

  3. yalo yalo.. almost everyone doin the same things ~ hahaha~