Friday, September 12

Bee Cheng....Loon

"Congratulations, you have won youself a free dining voucher. This voucher is valid only on 11/09/2008, 7pm in Midvalley Megamall. As seats are limited, please comfirm your participation as soon as possible. Thank you."
Received by:Cheng Loon, 08-Sept-08 2300.

Kids nowadays are so creative. Send SMS-type Scam to invite people over to birthday dinner. Haha. Oklor, I said kids because he wasn't adult until yesterday. So, dinner at Hong Kong Kin Gary. Yesterday was my second visit there, but it gave me a very bad impression. 1st time was at KLCC, they missed my order. So my other colleagues had to wait for me during lunch. Yeah, my order went MIA too yesterday. By the time my food served, i'm already full with other people's food. But i considered myself lucky because Saf's came only after 2freaking hours! haha. Happy birthday! WElcome to legal age. Ha ha

sama-sama old already
Group picture.

He is the only one whom I know that can't get a steady picture captured. See the picture above and you know. He just can't hold a pose longer than my count of three. It's either he keep changing his expression, or he broke into laughters, or shaking his legs. HELLO, take picture la... POSE - HOLD - HOLD - and HOLD, captured, still HOLD. hmmmmph!

p/s hope you like the pressie we got for you. haha. Happy birthday once more.

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