Wednesday, September 24


How do you guys normally eat sandwich? If it's this small, then i think should be no problem right...
What if it is slighly bigger??

Wtf, how to eat this?

So, would you force open your mouth as big as possible like i do? But the filling definitely drop btw.
Or you eat part by part? Eat the bread first, then the filling. Or cut the bread and filling into smaller parts and eat them? But, it's not considered as sandwich anymore. The joy of eating is to put the whole thing into your mouth and munch them. But, who can fit this in?
Hungwee already. want to eat sandwich for lunch la.....


  1. stupid. ask the director of ju-on and the ring find me to be their next hantu to be la. :P

  2. cannot , then the movie will be banned .... coz to scary d...

    some more they wanna film scary movie not documentary ...

  3. haha.. i think right the best way to eat the sandwich is to cut it. thats how they do here. but no syok la.. so slow summore the inti drop everywhere.. i think the oni solution is to have big mouth lor.. if not den i think cant eat.. hehehehehe