Tuesday, September 2

Reluctantly to wake up this morning. 4 days of holidays made me as lazy as sheateng. lolz.

If i have the gut, i would drive back to home and hide myself in my own room, under the blanket so that no body would realize i'm at home. So peaceful right?

How i wish that i were actually invisible. Then i could go to anyplace i want, freely.
Because no one can see me. I can just sneak into any transportation and travel for free. I can just eat anything(do i need to eat?) from the shop. I can disturb anyone I feel like disturbing. Isn't it good?

Hmm, then i wouldnt have to work.

But i am visible whenever i want. :) this is my own imaginary, so i can have what i want. I would be boring to death if there is noone that can see me, because i would be lonely, without anyone to talk to me.

Is there any place on Earth where i can find my true love?

Invisible me :)

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