Thursday, October 30

Bersetubuh atas

I’ve been staying in KL for almost six months, and I admit I’m starting to loving it already, not the lifestyle but the friends that I have around me.

But I always wonder why my friends are mostly guys. It’s like going out with one whole bunch of guys and eventually they install bad elements in me, like vulgar words. Okay, not that I never scold anything with Fuck before but their words are way funnier than the normal wtf! Btw, does it make a girl less gentle and girly if she were to scold vulgar words and show middle finger? Everyone is telling about equilibrium between man and woman. So, if the man can say and show it, why can’t a woman do that?

Scenario 1: Bee was driving and suddenly one car passed by very fast.
Him: Drive so fast, kao lan meh?
Cantonese for dummies:
kao means play.
Lan means birdbird/kukujiao/dick/penis/kemaluan lelaki
Meh means nothing but to make the question sounds better.
I burst into laughter. Imagine the driver was driving so fast to actually kao lan-ing. How to drive like that? Or maybe that’s what he was rushing for?

Scenario 2: We were talking, suddenly..
Bee: XXX and YYY kan chao meh? (the whole conversation in hokkien)
Hokkien for dummies:
kan means fuck/bersetubuh
chao means ugly/busuk/disgusting
Meh means nothing but to make the question sounds better.
I was puzzled for a while. In my hokkien dictionary, kan chao means someone is playing unfairly, with a lot of tricks and lies. Then, Poh cheong said, TIU CHAO ar. =.=”
Cantonese for dummies:
tiu means fuck/bersetubuh
chao means ugly/busuk/disgusting
ar means nothing but to emphasize the sentence.

But I always use the kao lan in a wrong way, as what Bee always said. Hmm, can’t it be used universal for everything like how convenient Fuck is? Speaking about Fuck, few years ago, when we (Utp gang) were discussing about how rude we sounded, because we scold F endlessly. So we came up with the idea of directly change into malay words. Following are what we created. Fuck = Bersetubuh. Hence,
Fuck YOU = Bersetubuh engkau.
Fuck UP = Bersetubuh atas
Fuck Fuck Fuck = Bersetubuh, bersetubuh, bersetubuh!
Creative le….. So, when you are in a crowded place, and you wanted to scold FUCK OFF, don’t be shy to scold, bersetubuh tutup!

*I’m a good girl, still. I only do for fun :D *

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  1. using those words don't prove that we are cool or 'in' or what not lah. plenty of other words to express our shittiness. ;)

    but bersetubuh atas sounds good. haha.