Friday, October 17

Rich me, poor me

I am still reading the Rich Dad and Poor Dad.
Yeah, I started reading it since August and i am still not done with it.

Because, i need time to digest the each sentences and somehow i ended asking myself, why am i sitting in the audit room together with other auditors?

You see, i read this book, which is in soft copy during my working hour while my other colleagues sighing beside me. The work of an auditor sucks to the maximum. Coming in early and going home late. At the end of the day, if they managed to find something, that would be an early bonus for them or else i would say it's waste of time.

The Poor Dad tells the author, "Go to college and study hard and then work for money."
The Rich Dad tells the author, "Go to college and study. then think of a way to get the money for for you"

Our education system isn't the best for us. It WAS for our parents' era, but now, what did you learn from the history? All we did was to remember the dates and names but not the moral behind the story.

And the students nowadays grade our knowledge based on how many A1s' you scored in SPM and what CGPA you get. But how many of you agree with me that, the standard of education is getting lower? I dare to tell that i don't deserve the 10As i got in SPM. I knew my standard and it's just not up to that level yet.

I want to earn money, i want to buy assets and not liabilities. I want money to work for me, but i have yet think of a way.

because im desperately for money now. lolz

to be continued.

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