Wednesday, October 15


During office hour
I have laptop but no Internet connection available. 8 hours of working "i-am-super-duper-busy". You know the room is freaking cold and you have nothing to do but to act busy is so much torturing? Keep me in a dark room is much better than this. i guess. At least i can sleep.

So, in order to act like busy, I categorized all my pictures into respective folders. Internship, TI friends, UTP, Scenery, Travel and etc. In each and every folder there are sub folders. If the pictures taken are before 2006, i put them into Archive folder, then followed by their years of creation. Super wu liao/sien/boring/mou lio I AM right? Apart from that, i also edit all the pictures, rotate them if they needed to be rotated. Don't say Cheh. I copied all my pictures from my personal laptop to my working laptop, so do the counting!

For those doing internship, i'm sure that 99.9% of you guys do not update your weekly report, right because i WAS one of them too. I said WAS instead of AM because i was too wu liao/mouliu/bored/sien until i could create all the stories for my weekly report. EXCEPT for this raya break week. I am still uncertain if i should be honest or what. It gonna sound so wrong if i send this:
29.9 : Unpaid leave
30.9 : Unpaid leave
1.10 : Public hols
2.10 : public hols
3.10 : Unpaid leave

Contents : ONE Week of no-work.

Hey, supervisor, would you sign this and still give me 5 for mark?

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