Sunday, November 16

China Trip I

The flight was at 6.45a.m. We slept at 2 and woke up at 3 to get KLIA. The picture below proved how tired and shui-chong(bengkak) we were.

aunt. mom. me. ling

Our luggages (still so bengkak)

after checked in. stupid me.

our air-bus

*cold cold* Ling helped me to wear jacket.
ME. Mom. Ling. Yuen.

mom entering temple

posing in front of the temple
eating ice cream in the cold weather is so so Delicious.
the ice cream don't melt.
and no such thing said, cannot eat cold stuff during cold weather.
In front of casino.
Don't be fooled by mom's happy face.
4 means RMB400, that we lose in that gold casino.

RMB100 each.

some streets in Macau.

in front of the some .. some historical place.
i'm very noob at remembering names.
Curry Fishball.
not so yummy though.
when you visit Macau, you must must must TRY the portugese egg tart.
it's very very nice.
no pictures taken because we finished it all in three seconds.
The Macau Street. So packed with people.

you can see alot of these mandarin tree around.
and mom loves to pose with it.

Gong Xi Fa Chai.

-end of Day 1-

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