Friday, November 14

course registration. DONE

I'm done with my next semester course registration. =.="

Before i went for my internship, Zhan Peng and myself were planning to take double major ( Knowledge Management And E-Commerce) and minoring in Financial Management. Hence, we took Business Application Programming (E-com) and Introduction to Knowledge Management(KM), and both of them pulled my CGPA down kao kao. It's like wtf. Seriously.

E-com seems more practical but then again, i think by the time i graduate, everyone should already practicing e-com in their businesses. Cimb Clicks, Maybank2u, even nowadays anything are being electrically commerced via blogspot and other free host... The experiences i got from my previous BAP class was traumatic. The lab tutor and lecturer were bitching each other and not synchorized. Ican't afford to score another C+. Seriously.

Knowledge Management. what is it? the one who teaches you how to manage knowledge. wtf. After this course, you should know how to prevent brain drain, steal knowledge, draw mind-mapping, differentiate tacit/explicit knowledge. All readings and having TWO DifferentLecturers for ONE subject is a N0-No. SERIOUSLY. Everyone knows my memory sucks. B is another stupid grade.

Okay, enough of complaining. I decided to take one major ONLY. Less drama, Less headache. I will be as free as a bird because i only have 14 credit hours!!!! OMG. 14 credit hours are equivalent to my 14 credit hours of Internship minus the long working hour...approximately 3-4 hours of classes per day. Now i regret brought forward so many subjects in my early years. 18 or 21 credit hours each semester were torturing, but it was all gone. Next semester so free also useless, unless i found another new gang, or wait for *MR Moo* to turn friendly again.

The new student portal aka course registration very annoying and NOT USER FRIENDLY. I wonder who created it, and i think they never tested it before launching it for public uses.... I hate it when a message box appeared, "XXX is full." and then when i clicked back, i need to RE-INPUT the data again.. UTP should have approached for my help to create a new one. too bad, too late, i'm busy with work Kian, please come out with a new portal and send to UTP as ur internship project. haha

p/s: I have no class on Friday le. First time in my entire Uni life. Haha. Should start thinking of how to utilize my free time.
P/s/s: Juniors and seniors of UTP sekalian, I'm back.... haha

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  1. not a new portal though...planning for something , need help also....we shall discuss in length with potential partners later on .... after i make up my mind.....

    stay tuned to my blog....:)