Wednesday, November 26

Recession and economic downturn

*serious tone*

Can you feel the heat now?

They say it happens every 10 years but this round, is the most serious one. Unemployement rate increases, inflation rate increases, interest rate decreases, petrol price decreases and USD increases. Companies firing employees to keep the expenses low, bank giving out less loans, no investments. People spend less, factories reduces productions, employees work lesser days, hence paid less. Same liabilities, lesser income, stress increases and bangau to ular stories continue, no ending.

Ah, yes. There is ending. People commit suicide and die.

Those who earning USD, please stop laughing and let's pray it gets lower for a while. Because i need to change la. I can't use RM in Vietnam and Cambodia.

I felt terrible about the trip and the economic. Since recession is hitting us very soon, I think we should save more for our future, so that we have enough money to buy rice and salted eggs. I shouldn't have spent on the trip. But if everyone is saving money and no one is spending, then the economics hardly gets any better. Okla, let me travel and improve the economics.Ly will kill me instantly if i back out now, she had nightmares that i canceled the plan to go NZ

Those graduating, i pray, god bless you.
Those unemployed, i pray, don't steal/kill/rape/smuggle/commit suicide.
Those rich, i pray, knn spend more la.

There's always rainbow after the rain, am i right?


  1. sound serious.. but the main point is bcoz u hav to change rm to USD for ur trip.. muhahaa.. enjoy ya trip with ur USD..
    *don ever kena tipu by the USD.. i go cambodia da time, i buy their normal fried squid with USD1/stick.. sound cheap rite.. n i buy 10 stick ..end up, total cost in RM is around 30++.. shit!!!!~

  2. it is the mainland chinese government who encourage the people to spend more money in this economical crisis in order to keep the economy moving. bcos if ppl save money too much, the economy will he halted immediately