Thursday, November 27

s.e.x.y TAG?

Snap or just shift through the photo gallery and pick 3 pics of yours which u think are sexy.
Don't have to be revealing (though some said SEXY IS SKIN),
Explain why u think so, Tag 3 friends (who you think is sexy)

* i don't think i'm sexy btw, so i put something which is more*

On the bed is sexy, right?
it's just that i'm wearing clothes and flat boobs.
imagine pamela anderson taking the pic the way i took, wearing lingerie

Sexy eyes.
again, sepet eyes can't really can lepas electric lor.
I think my mole is sexier than my eyes.
hide hide a bit, gives you the mystery feel right?
(again, on bed)

Nothing beats this!
Sexy in your own way.

I want to tag THREE people who i think, they are SEXY.
You, you and you!


  1. the last picture....honestly...i scared lo....jumped off the chair .....

  2. i completely lost, who in the hell is the person in the last photo =_='' ... yeah, indeed it scared me though!! summore im alone oredi in campus at this 2.30 am morning~

  3. Kian, last picture you can print and paste it on the wall. Buat halau nyamuk... Very effective. Plus, No harm to human

  4. copyright reserved. please acknowledge the owner of the picture before printing it.

    haha. iman, macam mane nk halau nyamuk?

  5. baru wanna tag u leh... hahaha
    last pic.. SEGOI!!Chun!!!