Friday, December 19

It's friday again.

It's been two days we are having lunch in the office. Domino delivery. I feel so exhausted, because everyone is very stress and eating in is not a good choice, but no other option is better than eating in to save time. The suppose one hour lunch break is reduced to the ratio of 1 slice of pizza : 2 minutes. I had 4 slices today. I know it's damn a lot, but i was very hungry and i think food is a good therapy if you are under stress.

We ordered 4 regular pizza. Have a guess on how many people were there.

It's Friday again. I can't wait to travel back to my hometown, sleep on the king size bed all by my own. I can role from left to right. right back to left. left back to right. I can make 360 degree turning and role from top to bottom. so so comforting! Not forgetting, no more early morning alarm, at least for two days.

I am going to eat all the food i have been craving for. chee cheong fan, lok lok, Krishnan nasi kandar, assam laksa, Thai Chok Tee's tomyam, Speedy's tosai telur, Sg. Nibong char kuey teow... Actually i want to eat my mom's cooking the most. I miss her petai sambal udang, wantan mee, chicken legs. Don't worry that i will grow fat, because I think i will start dieting when i come back to KL on sunday night. haha. just an excuse la, to eat more.

Let's do some count down:
6 days more Christmas (Merry X'mas)
7 days more Boxing Day (I do the countdown because firm declare holiday)
12 days more New Year, WW's 22nd birthday, LY arriving to Msia
13 days more to my last day of internship (Can't wait for that)
16 days more to Keehui and TzeYang's departure
17 days more to my trip!!!
30 days more back to UTP.
37 days more dong dong chiang - CNY

Any idea for Christmas? It was just like yesterday we celebrated xmas at Keng Fei's house last year. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

p/s. answer : 4 regular pizza for 6 people, 5 girls and 1 guy. All in all, we have 4 slices each. Don't look down on girls okay. Okay, we were very hungry.

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