Tuesday, December 9

Last train of the day

As i am typing this, it's already 12:04 midnight. An hour earlier i have just reached the pudu raya, and in fact, all my life, i was worried at my own safety. If according to the usual bus ride, i predicted that i would be reaching the latest 1030p.m? But i was too careless that i never thought of the traffic jams caused by the public holidays! -.-"

It's 10.58p.m when i stepped down from the bus.

I wasn't sure if the last train is 11 or 12, so i called zp. He told me it's around 1130. So i walked faster, to catch the last train.

There was less people on the street. Not to mention less car too. I tried to walk behind people, so that i looked like i am with them and not lone ranger. If possible i wanted to run to the lrt station, but i need to remain calm, and never show my feelings out, which was -afraid-. I passed by a few groups of people by the roadside. I looked into their faces and walked pass through them. I don't know if this helps. It's like I'm telling them to back off me, if they were to do any harm at me.

Finally i reached the station and saw a notice on the wall.

"Cuti Umum, Tren Terakhir 11.20p.m"

Fhuhh...and so i took the last train back to my home. I never felt this frighten before and i am thankful that i am safe and sound now. Haha.

The moral of the story?
Please plan your trip back at least TWO hours earlier, unless someone is fetching you at the bus station. No, you should, at least TWO hours. I'm serious!


  1. huhu... scary lah.. =( i think i should also get into the habit of travelling early... =)

  2. yah... i think we get used to the comfort we obtained from UTP. walking distance away from one another, well, at least we can walk to our room from the main gate!