Saturday, January 10

short recap

current spot : Nah Trang.
local time : 10a.m
next destination: Ho Chi Minh City

travelled to Hanoi (1 nite), halong bay(day trip), a night in the bus to Huê(14 hours) but spent 2 hours around Huê(-.-"), another 4 hours in the bus to Hoi An(1 nite), a night in the bus again to Nah Trang (13 hours), ta dahh.. the place i'm in now.

all in all, the best place is Hoi An, where we made our dresses, sandals tailored, according our to size and body stats. :P was vy participating waiting, but hmmmm...

opss need to go now. gonna cycle around the town.
pics tonight. chiao.

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