Wednesday, February 25

Ask. Believe. Receive

According to The Secret book, we can shape our lives according to our way. We can control everything, from your perfect weight to your perfect lifestyles, if we ask, believe and receive. That are the three main process to the secret.

Ask for the things you want. Never focus on the negative image. Instead of saying, "I don't want to be late", think of being early for the event. Instead of saying, "I don't eat cheese because it's fattening. I don't want to be fat", say cheese is healthy, and i still have my perfect weight if i eat it. Instead of saying, "man, it's middle of the month, i'm broke", say "I have too much to spend".

Well, it might sounds confusing, but it all depends on how you control your thinking. Well, always be positive and confident. It's the law of attraction. It attracts everything that your energy produces. if you keep having negative mindset, i'm fat/poor/stupid/blah blah blah, the universe will attract your frequency and changes accordingly. Even if you weren't fat/poor/stupid, now you are becoming fat/poor/stupid.

All in all, you must believe it will come true, and foresee yourself in it. Foresee yourself having 1 million dollars if you're asking it. But you never doubt it. The world is like a catalog. Once you place an order, for example on this beautiful dress. What's next? you imagine yourself looking gorgeous and beautiful, attending to some party. Everyone paying attention to you. And you wait for the dress to arrive at your door.It's like the secret. You ask for something, and believe it will come, and foresee yourself having the things you asked and wait till the time comes.

Maybe you could try with something small first. Think of something you want to see/have within this week, and do share me if you really get/see it, and your opinions too.

Remember, it's ask. believe. receive.

I have a list of things in my mind. I will tell you if it comes true. :P


  1. i want my bf back.
    can dapat eh?

  2. can can.nth is impossible.
    i read this part. draw the future,. and believe it will happen.
    good luck....


  3. hahaha.. u read tat book ah?... dun get too addicted to it..