Friday, March 27

Earth Hour

Tomorrow is 28th March, which means Earth Hour. Many people mentioned about it, talked about, discussed about it, blogged about it. It is an action of switching off your lights for an hour, 830 pm to 930pm in Malaysia. Well, it is suppose to send out a message of hope and action to give awareness to everyone to fight against global warming and protect our one and only one planet, Earth.

Global warming is getting serious day by day. I believe almost everyone is complaining about the unbearable heat and crazy weather. It's so hot that not only you kick the blanket off your bed, you woke up sweating. Why lah, want to turn on your air conditional if you supporting the earth hour? I personally think that, we should all be consistent in helping our earth. Save as much as electricity as you could. Turn off the lights or fans when you're out of the room. I realize we, the students do not have this habit of switching off electrics and even our laptops when we're going out of the room. Perhaps it's due to the fact that we are not paying the bills directly. You won't feel the pain if you are not involved in the process.

"I alone can't help to save the world. I'm not superman,"

The rome is not build in a day. It needs everyone involved, the citizens of the Earth to work out together to protect it from disasters or the day of what all of us fear of, The Doom Day.

Let's do some calculation, shall we?
If in a day, you save an hour of electric usage.
How many humans are they on earth?
Do the multiplication and you'll get the answer.
And if everyone is doing the one hour lights off activity EVERYDAY * the humans, that results of 284917364843098274658739892736465734927 energy saved. ( i do not do the calculation, just a random number)

I do hope that the earth hour is successful in educating and giving awareness to the public. The Earth is sick, let's do something to cure it, shall we? At the end of tomorrow, i hope all of us would be more responsible towards our planet. You can make a different!


  1. Omg , Ashley ..
    You're so full of shit !!
    Nevertheless , I still love you .

    You're one amateur environmentalist !
    You can make a diff dude.
    Shower with candle k ?
    And mayb more wayang kulit replacing the cinema in the future


  2. lol..this previous comment seems to have more shit than f.o.s (full of shit)..See u in hell..

  3. Poh Cheong , welcome to the group !
    Cheers ...
    Btw , for someone who doesnt believe in existence of God , there wouldnt be hell .
    Classic !
    You're just as full of shit as I am too...
    Good !

  4. Er, i think whoever read my blog and loving it, are one bunch of crazy and funny people. Hence, we so FOS. haahha