Thursday, March 26

Feeling guilty

deep in my heart.

i tried smelly taufu (chao tao fu) last night at the Cheras night market. I smelt shit before i reached but when i reached right in front of the stall, i smelt nothing, and the taste was nothing special like a normal piece of fried taufu. cheh, like that only. So, i'm trained now, i can go HK and try it there. Less ciplak, more original. Like, you can't have chee cheong fan as nice as the one in Teluk Intan elsewhere, or the fried kuey teow as nice as the one in Penang.

I had chocolate molten cake and 2 plates of chips, together with 5 cups of juices in Chilli's with kean tat just after lunch at the petaling street. Another benjo with mustard + Black pepper sauce before sleeping.

I'll be going to Neway, a movie perhaps and dinner at Tasty Pot. All well planned by the Host.

I am blogging + updating before preparing to go out.

What's the guilty about??

I AM NEGLECTING MY FYP. FYP fcuk my life. It makes my life miserable when i'm having fun. It goes into your dreams, and you'll have nightmares. it just won't leave you unless you graduated with Honours. Until then, you wake up in the midnight, sweating. It was holding a knife to chase after you, screaming : "When you want to do research ar????"

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