Monday, March 2

Full of crappie Controls

You woke up early in the morning and out of sudden, you felt so energetic and you packed your laptop together with chargers, external house, external hard disc, headsets and books and headed to the IRC, information resource center. For those who have been to UTP, I bet you dropped your jaws and saliva drooling from your mouth. You went, "waaahhhhhhh" and "cooooolllll".

Before you stepped into the "fuyoh" building, you were stop by a pakguard asking for your matrix card.

if you were lucky, you would have bring along, or else. "Maaf, tak de card matrix tak leh masuk" (sorry, no matrix card, no entry) and if you were really that bad luck, he could have give you a ticket for not wearing your tag.

Okay, first control done. "Please put your bag at the lower ground. *pointing right*

wth. You walked downstairs and cleared your bag inside out. With all the stuff you brought along, the laptop, the cable, the external hard disc, the mouse, the headset, the books, the pencil case, the handphone, the purse, the matrix card, the whatevershityoubroughtalong on your two hands, you find it so hard to balance yourself walking up the 1meter wide staircase.

If i were a visitor, i probably laughing my ass off. "got bag dunwant to use. stupid idiot buffalo"

*I think they disallow the bags in order to prevent the students from smuggling irc's books. They have RFID installed on each book and the main door have the rfid detector. My question is, why can't you think of installing your rfid on the spine of the book instead of on the first/last page of the book, where student's can easily tear it out but to come out with such a control for not allowing bags? *

I was rushing back home last friday. As usual, i slowed down my car and lifted my hand with the pakguard at the main gate. Instead of "hi-ing" back at me, he stopped me. "what's in that bag?"
"Laptop". "sila park kereta dan daftar kat dalam" (please park your car aside and register). WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i pulled my car aside, and i wth, wtf as i walked in.

to cut the story short, i walked back to my car to take out my laptop to be checked on the serial number. double wtf, wth.

knnccb. If i were a laptop thief, i would NOT put my bag on my rear seats. and i would NOT be so honest, telling him i was bringing a laptop in my bag.

*What kind of control is that to again prevent the mystery of missing laptops during the final examination period.*

Oh man, can't they think of a brilliant idea to curb these problems which the current ones are burdening the innocent citizens of UTP?

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