Monday, March 30

imma what?

Before anything, please wish my blog HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I'm not a useless blogger who doesn't remember the date i published my blog, it's just that the time flies soOo fast that i don't think i have blogged for a YEAR and 4 days. This is my first post --> Stupid idiot Buffalo

I started blogging few years ago, but i decided to move to blogspot last year because the friendster's blog is too commercialize, it gives notice to everyone in my friends list via email that says, "Shea Teng has updated her blog." I didn't like the idea because i update my blog frequently and i afraid they would get annoyed. Bah. :/
Hence, i wanted something private, where i can channel my emotion and feelings to a secret place. It explains that my url is such a weird name. I felt stupid at that time, so, I think I'm A Stupid Idiot Buffalo. Why buffalo? My siblings and I used to create stupid things to scold or tease at each other. Babi Hantu Pontianak, What the crab, So-H, KaninehChowCibai and many others too. I think stupid idiot buffalo was one of them. As you may realize, the vulgarity gets vulgarer, nastier, shitter as we grow older. We always update ourselves with the latest current funny or IN-thing to scold at each other everytime we meet. They are the coolest siblings on earth, and i love them to bits. If you read this, better leave a comment and tell me you love me too. Get me pressie for bday since it's coming. haha... Hahahaha
However, then i filtered all my emo emo personal post and decided to share it with some of my close friends and the network gets bigger and bigger. *Sorry, i didn't realize i switched to PERASAN mode* Little did i know that this blog is like my baby when i first create it. Yes, it makes me motherly. I feed(blog) it, i clean it's shit(reply comments/chats), i measure it's height(blogpatrol) , i check out it's friends(feeds/freeonlineusers), and i read others too (links) to learn to be a better mom. Wtf. Haha, virtual mother. sounds cool.

So, yala, immasturpigedeatbaffalo means im a stupid idiot buffalo, not masturbate pig death buffalo, master of pig defeat buffalo. Try to read it aloud if you get it,
.immasturpigedeatbaffalo .
* *
* * *
* *
* *

Welcome to the community. You're stupid idiot buffalo now, i just heard you said that. :P

p/s: Moo-moo sekalian, please wish my blog HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.

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  1. how come "idiot" becomes "edeat"?? oh gosh.. i challenge u.. u go around and ask 10 people to read ur blog url. I believe that at most 1 person can get it right or even none. hahaha.. :P...