Monday, March 16

Of corrupted memory cards

I have been encountered corrupted CF or SD cards for many many times this year!! The worst thing is that the pictures were yet to transfer into the computer. You have no idea how depression mode it turned us into especially when it was the main camera during the trip or event.

It's like you were being roped once after you withdrew all your cash out from the ATM.

If you have gone through this experience, then you know how it feels to lost all the pictures that are soooo memorable. If that was your first time, then you shouldn't be too sad because i encountered the third times this year. And what, it's only March.

1st time was during our Cambodia trip. Laiyee's cf card corrupted went DEAD. We believe the computers that we used to transfer pictures into hard disc were full of virus and their anti-virus jiak sai and beh eong one.

We were travelling by moto to tour around the city of Phnom Penh with full of excitedness. Hengchiang and Siewloong had left early in the morning for their Thailand trip so we were left with only laiyee's cam. Okay, i better cut the long story short. Her CF card died, and we bo mood the whole day trying to fix it. We have only managed to transfer half of the pics taken and all of our favourite pictures were not. T_T.... Anyway, she bought another CF card. We sent the corrupted cf card into shops and luckly almost 75 percent of the pictures were able to retrieved back.

Second time was in Feb. We went to pulau ketam and the SD cards from laiyee's digital camera went corrupted before we reached home. It totally kantoi. Cannot retrieved or cured. Sad Sad Sad.

The third time is a special case. It's not the CF or SD went corrupted or failed but the pictures transferred into the computer. WTF. But i guess it was my fault because i kept on renaming and editing the pictures. But, i don't know. seriously wtf. My sister doesn't has the habit of reformating the memory card but i don't know what triggered me to tell her about the pulau ketam and cambodia incident. She formated her SD card few hours before the whole folder went missing. T_T,

Well well well, what can i do to retrieve back the pictures? I'm thinking of going back to the same shop in Ipoh with the two memory cards with the hope that, it could be recovered.

Please do lotsa back up( the external hard disc may crash anytime) and check the condition of your memory cards frequently to avoid cases like this happen again. use as many cameras as possible in an event, you know, just in case.

it sucks to lost all your pictures. SERIOUSLY!


  1. hehe.. normally memory card is not easy to be corrupted.. I've been using my camera for long, and i've never experienced such thing (and i dun wish to experience it).. hehe.. there must be sth wrong with the way u use it.. one piece of advice, dun simply plug in ur memory into untrusted computer. It easily spoils ur it, or like what happened last time, the memory was infected and all the files were hidden. So.. hehe... be careful ne.. Eh, anyway, it's so impressive that they can retrieve the data back.. ho ho.. they must be sooo good.. :D

  2. i experience this last year..
    my sd card corrupted.. so f**k..
    feel like killing ppl on that day as all my photo gone..
    understand ur feeling..huh~.. =_="