Friday, April 24

3 AM

I think i work more efficient and faster under stress.

During the day....
Oh, the submition date is tomorrow? It's the same with the oral presentation. Ah, clashes with our E-com Quiz too. *smile* Crawl to the bed, and took the evening nap.

Great. I love last minute study. Last minute work. Last minute preparation.


What a bad habit.

But i really think i work better under stress. My brain tend to be multitasking, thinking all the solutions at a time, my fingers type faster than usual, heartbeat increases and what else?

tunnel carpal syndrome, backpain, lower part of the body getting fatter (lack of movement), skin problem, eye sore, dark eye circle, unbalance hormones......

Oh, i gotta stop writing now. Need to iron my formal clothes. Hmm, what to wear?

Oral Presentation PEOPLE. IT's the end of FYP1. GREAT!!!!!

I CANT WAIT FOR THE SEM BREAK AND I WILL BE FLYING TO ##### and #####. (feel free to guess! Hint : Starts with I and P :D)

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