Tuesday, April 28


I couldn't find the right words to start the sentence.
This week is my last week of studies as a final year student.

I couldn't find the right mood to start my work.
There's only 3 presentation to go!
One test to fight!

The feeling that i have now is miserable.
I no longer craving for food.
Food doesn't excite me.
I eat when i am very hungry.
And i only drink when i cannot take the bitterness in my mouth.

Day in and day out, I am hoping for better days to come.

Ahhh... I wish. i wish i could write something inspirational or at least something readable, something entertaining. Sorry guys.

P/S: Does anyone know how to cry? I mean what makes you cry easily without the any effort? I think i need to cry, it's been months. *Crying is one of the best way to release stupid feelings trapped inside the body, at least for me* Do comment ya!

1 comment:

  1. bang ur head to the wall.. u will cry for sure.. ;) hehe... hope everything is alright.. :)