Sunday, April 5

Extremely Exhausted

Results :
(Prelims) : 16th out of 89
(1st stage) :16th out of 20
(2nd stage) : 13th out of 16
(3rd stage) : 10th out of 13.

We were always at the border line, either you disqualify or proceed to the next stage.
1st stage, we're the last team to proceed.
2nd stage, we're the last team again.
3rd stage, wah sai, still the last team to proceed.

But thankful very much, able to proceed to next stage!!!

Top TEN already. Hamper on hand for sure! *eyes on RM1200 STILL*

Utpians, if you see me running around the campus, please offer me 100+. LOL



p/s: Happy belated birthday to my Beloved Brother. "You're the only bro i have. Love you alot~ Happy birthday!!!"

Also happy belated birthday to Adam Loo and Kenneth Chai.


  1. congratz.i was the committee for the last sem.hopefully can still join as participant next sem.wanna be my team mate? :p

  2. Hey zopakkun...
    I can't join anymore.. coz i'm graduating next semester dy. :(

    But u must join, last chance or else u can't anymore right!?

    Good luck...!!!