Sunday, April 19

Grave yard

Eee... even typing the name of the alcohol drink make me feel like puking again.
Yes, graveyard is the name of the superpowermixtureofliquorsmakeyoukongintenminutes.

Yesterday was a crazy night. Not only i clubbed with some new faces but it was my second time getting so drunk i puked six times. Yes, i need people to carry me back as damn embarrassed.

Michelle : Oh, she is so heavy.
Adol : No, she is damn heavy.
Me : uueeekkk.....(puked)

Adol, Mich, thanks for carrying me!!! Sham, Jason, Wira and others, thanks for the night and sorry i ruined the night too.

Shit man, i think i gave them a really bad impression.

"This stupid senior, don't know how to drink want to drink until so drunk"


Sigh, sigh!!!

When i recalled back, i think i looked like a damn super stupid idiot buffalo!

Er... blame it to the grave yard! (omg, i feel like puking again when typing it!!!)

Okay, i had fun. pictures next post!!

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