Tuesday, April 28

I was happy, excited and expecting but now i am sad, guilty and regret.

I tried all the possible ways to have the most feasible, economically. Despite the tests, assignments and projects, I tried my best to come out with the researches and done the booking for you all. I know, I made decisions pretty fast and rush, but I had no choice, time and money constraints.

Whenever things don't go according to what i have planned or have told you it is because it's not me alone who involved in the whole thing. We are asking help from people, and i never expect it will turn out to be this ugly.

If i were to know this conflicts will arise, i won't be asking you to come with me. I would avoid at all costs to prevent this from happening.

I know you might say I am selfish, but please put your position in my shoes! Remember what is my main objective for this trip. I thought you will understand but i was wrong.

Perhaps i should be more firm with my standing or at least tell you the truth and i admit it was my mistake. But i never expect this scenario and it would be so costly. But who was there at the first place eager to come along, even when i tell you it going to be expensive.

I am not here to point out who is wrong or right, but i am just telling what is in my mind and it hurts when you sounded as if you were blaming me for the whole thing now.

"I don't expect you don't come with us"

My heart sinks entirely, I totally thought you were understanding enough. Count the time you neglected us because your commitment.

Sorry but this time i have to be firmed.

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