Friday, April 17

one plus one equals to errrrr..

Guess what time i slept last night in the morning?
FIVE A.M. ngor tiam leh.

Guess how many hours i slept?
THREE hours :(

Should i use last night or this morning? Whatever!

Actually i finished my interim report somewhere around 2.30 in the morning, and i thought to myself, "Whaa, so efficient. Can sleep early tonight". *evil grin*

Then adjust here and there, insert page number, formatting and all. Look at the clock - 3.30am.
what the... okay fine. proceed to printing. So i started to print chapter 1 first - 4 pages, and then i compared with my senior's hard bounded copy. My top margin was like too high above, so i started to play with the margin and all. Bugged Davuth for help, bla bla bla.

To cut the bla bla story short, I fixed the margin, rejected mamak session and printed the first the report. You know what happen?

You know? You wanna know???

My printer ran out of ink. Lalala, so freaking (insert whatever vulgar words you have heard me saying before) I quickly grab my ink refill and poked into the hole and pressed on. Installed back into the printer, restarted the printer and bla bla bla.

Okay, to cut the story short again, the printer kept showing the stupid warning, no more ink like that. I don't understand the whole warning because it's in fucking chinese characters. I have no idea why my printer configuration is in Chinese.

!@%@#$!@#^. You wanna know what time was that time? 4.20am.

C'mon, the formatting and printing part are harder than finding journals!

So, i grabbed my roommate's printer hoping that i can use it. Wtf, it needs installer. ARGHHHH... wth. I gave up. "I'm going to bed." the clock showed 5am.

However in the bed, i was thinking if i shouldn't be sleeping and go for a morning jog or whatever. Deciding and deciding i fall asleep. Woke up at 8am and rushed to the ICT buildings searched for printers.

I walked the whole building 1 and 2, only managed to get a lab with a printer and the cool laser printer printed my 54 pages of report in less than 5 minutes. 5 minutes * 2 reports = 10 minutes only. It took me forever to print my report using my desktop printer. knnccb.

Asked my friend to bind it for me, and i went to the lecture room to read for the test later. Obviously my mind didn't work so well, so i copied the potential answers somewhere. (I'm not going to tell :P) Oklah, i know cheating is bad but.....

The lecturer took the first hour to finish up the last chapter, pity him, no one is listening including me, i was busying checking out someone. *huhu*. Done with lecture, he said, "Okay class, we are going to next room for test 2".


OMFGKNNCCBLJPKM. My intention to copy crashed.

But i still managed to do the test very well. :)

How WE did that? I'm not going to tell. :P

Oh, oh. Due to the lack of sleep, human minds get jammed as well. just like the computers, hanged. blank faces and memory corrupted. haha

BEST OF ALL, I felt like it's the end of school! The truth is there are 4 more projects deadlines next week, FYP oral presentation, more test 2, more presentations and lastly finals in less than 3 weeks!!


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  1. i really hate my printer..fuck it kaw kaw. paper jam, leakage and all sort of bitching..fuck it kaw kaw