Monday, June 29


My brother is 100 times joker than me. He's is also 100 times more funnier than her sister.

Ling: Ei, your brother has a blog now.
Teng: Really??? What's the URL?
Ling: Yala,trisen tan, you la...influenced him to blog.
Teng: Bye. i want to google his blog.

I'm being accused for influencing my brother to blog. How cool is that? Initially i googled trisen tan. LOL, it's his name, I wanted something unique. LOL. sounds like Thai Sen (God of Thai). No results, hence i went to his facebook and i found this :

i m jus an ordinary guy!! bad guy!! u believe i am a bad GUY!!!! view my blog " ''
They used to laugh so hard reading my blog. I never know why but now i totally understand. It's about the content of the blog, so random and the way we expressing ourselves or even describing a picture, everything sounds so silly and funny to us. omg, the stupidity runs among my siblings. LOL

I'm going to cinema now!!! Yuhuuu.... Teluk intan got cinema already. We used to have cinema here before but as we grow older, we are getting smarter and calculative. 1 ciplak dvd only cost RM10 the most, passable to other relatives, can watch it over and over again. Meanwhile, if the whole family go to the cinema = 6 * RM8 = RM48!!!! siao, so expensive.

But the fashion is back again. People get educated. Ciplak dvd is bad for economy. So the cinema is back again. Hahahaha..And being educated myself, i should not encourage pirated dvds in the market by going to watch in the cinema.

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