Saturday, July 25

Pace to the race

Here goes my first week. That was damn fast.

Sometimes, you just want it to be faster. sometimes slower.
Sometimes, you just want it done, sometimes hanging.

Been searching information for my fyp system. For those who don't know what mine about, it has such a long name that i have to gasp for air to start. "multi platform final examination timetable retrieval". fhuh.

What's the multi platform about? Nah, just a name. The current system we have is to view it via website. So we are going to have alternatives like SMS, email and broadcasting.

Sien lor. Submittion of progress report is next wed. I'm still thinking of the languages that i should use. C#? VB? C++? Java? SQL? PHP? Have you heard of the stories of Pak Pandir? He has nothing in the end because of he couldn't decide which house to go. T_T I don't want to be like him.

Haih. If only my birthday is today. Then i could have a cake to make a birthday wish which is to see my fyp finished the moment i woke up tomorrow. ^_^

Gambate sheateng, once you found your pace, you'll reaching the finishing line real soon! Good luck people. :)


  1. Guess what? Don't think too much and just work on it... later on when u find out that u can't go on, then u need to play around with the scope and such... good luck to u (and me too.. :D)

  2. come on babe. dont complain til uve heard the title of mine. landfill leachate treatment. u know what that is? that icky smelly liquid thingy from the sampah, yeah thats leachate.


    id pick programming any day over what ive to do. LOL.

    goodluck anyways. *grins*

  3. Hey babe,

    i can think of one treatment. dinamo! LOL, jk.

    yeah, good luck to you too!!! Gambate together~