Friday, July 31

Update of H1N1 in UTP

Many speculations that utp will be closed down ever since wednesday. Some says "only short of two people from being shut down". Some says "God, please save the uni". I say, "err, should i chao early before they quarantine all of us?"

Finally, the management has come out with an announcement about H1N1 in the campus which cleared all our queries and assumptions.

As of Wednesday 29 July 2009, the Ministry of Health has reported a total of 1266 H1N1 positive cases with 4 fatalities (574 import and 692 local). Who has also reported a total of 169753 cases of H1N1 and 1125 fatalities among the 159 countries affected.

In UTP, we have started to screen and isolate students who are showing symptoms of Influenza-Liked Illnesses (ILI). Under the advise of Dr Saadah from UTP Health clinics, we have placed 73 students (52 males and 21 females) under quarantined in Duyong (old V5-males) and Village 2 (females). They continue to be observed and receive medical treatment from UTP Health Clinic Officers. Some of the students have recovered and released from being quarantined but continue to receive high number of new cases.

We have taken and sent 5 throat swab samples of the students with serious conditions for further analysis by the Health authorities and waiting for the results sometime soon. We will continue to monitor the situations and work closely with UTP Health clinic and District Medical Office (Perak Tengah). We will assist in providing facilities and support in Duyong (80 beds), V2C (64 beds) and house (16 beds).

Personnel from various departments (Residential College, HSE, SSS, security, administration and others) have provided full commitment in supporting the need of the students. We will also require volunteers to further assist us in providing support for the students who had to be quarantined.

Please continue to observe the need to monitors your health and maintain a good personal hygiene. Practice social distancing and avoid going to crowded public places to avoid possible spread of the virus.

If you develop the symptoms of ILI (high fever, sore throats, body ache and difficulty breathing), please seek immediate medical attention and follow the advise of the attending doctor. Wear the facemask to avoid further spread of the virus and impose a self quarantine if required.

Mohd Noh Karsiti
Chairman H1N1 Taskforce.

Dear All,

We have listed below the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) on H1N1. Please read through for your own understanding and also please respond accurately if you receive any queries from students, parents and public.

Q1. Are any of UTP students infected with Influenza A(H1N1)?
Ans: No confirmed cases. Six (6) throat swab were taken on 27 July 2009 by Perak Tengah Health Department, however until 30 July 09, the results has not been announced yet.

Q2: Is it true that UTP will be closed in the nearest time?
Ans: UTP Management is monitoring the Influenza Like Illness (ILI) trend. If the cases reach 100, the University will be closed after consultation from Perak Tengah Health Department.

Q3: What has UTP done to mitigate the spread of ILI?
Ans: Students will be quarantined if they show severe ILI symptoms such high fever (>37.5 deg C). Stringent access control is being imposed, food & beverages is supplied and in-house doctor is monitoring their health conditions daily. For those who show mild symptoms, 2 days medical leave will be given and they were instructed to stay at their respective room with strict precautions. All student activities outside campus has been reviewed and external visits (i.e. school visit) has been cancelled. Surface disinfection works at public areas is on-going and face masks has been distributed to all staff & students.

Q4: What is the advice to the suspected ILI?
Ans: Don’t panic and seek medical attention from UTP in-house clinic immediately. Cover your mouth and nose appropriately and avoid going to crowded places.

Q5: What is the advice to the students who have been instructed to undergo home-quarantine?
Ans: Refer to the attached ‘UTP Home Isolation Guidelines’.

Q6: Where can parents get latest information of the status?
Ans: Operation room; Tel: 05-368 8442/ 43; In-house Clinic: Tel No: 05-3687200/ 01.

Q7: Can parents take their affected ILI son/daughter back home?
Ans: Not advisable since they will spread the disease to the public, however it will be allowed if their parents take strict precautions and use private transportation.

So far those who are being quarantine live happily in the respectively hostel provided. They are given 3 meals a day, some fruits, unlimited water supply, biscuit supplies and 24 hours security protected. Visit ModelKian's blog to get to know the feeling being imprisoned. Do you want us to rescue you out?

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