Sunday, August 9

blessing in disguise

Last friday, the uni declared a week break due to H1N1. So, i went home. And then, my grandma asked me to fetch her home from Sabak Bernam. I went with the Satria and long story made short, I got myself a summon from the roadblock the policeman set up due to the Anti-ISA.

Kesalahan - Menggunakan plat nombor yang tidak mengikut peraturan (KILAT)

Wth i know. The car wasn't mine. It's my brother's. I told him.

Me: Encik, ini bukan kereta saya. Saya pinjam pergi bawa nenek balik.
Him: Oh, tak boleh macam ini. Salah plat nombor berkilat.
Me: Oklor.

I was scolded for not trying to ask for forgiveness like "encik, boleh bantukah?", "encik, maaflah ini bukan kereta saya. tolong lah.." It's a freaking rm300 summon.

The other officer asked me : nenek tinggal kat mana? - sabak bernam- yalah, kat taman mana??? - taman XXX- oh, tu i kenal lah. (Was he trying to pujuk me by having a small talk with me? KNN)

(Words in italic was my answers)

The next day, Saturday ma. So, being the typical chinese I am, I went to buy lottery lor. Ma buy my car's number, the summon number, the time. Paid 14 bucks. I told my uncle : "I will wait for your call tonight ya~ hehe"

Off to Genting with my dad, grandma and keehui. Keehui being first time in casino was so eager to try it out. You also know the result lor. Genting where can win one. sure lost lor. :(

Around 8pm, i got a call from my uncle.


p/s: However, the amount of money i won from the lottery is lesser than the amount we lost in genting.


  1. Hmm... I think I dun understand half of ur message.. hehe.. anyway, I dun understand sth. "So, being the typical chinese I am, I went to buy lottery lor". What do u mean by that? R u saying that to be a typical chinese, u have to play lottery?

  2. no. typical chinese will buy lottery if:
    1) involved in an accident
    2) saw an accident
    3) relatives involved in an accident
    (accidents can be associated with any kinds of bad luck involved like real accident, summon, etc)