Tuesday, August 25

hums the song

Tell me what's your fav songs. Your fav chorus. sing it loud now.....

I'm hooked up with I gotta feeling - esp during the chorus part. let me sing...

here we come, here we go, we gotta rock
easy come, easy go, now we on top
feel the shot, body rock, rock it, don't stop
round and round, up and down, around the clock

But, when you hum your fav songs, have you ever thought of those who can't hear and can't speak? I have a cousin who has hearing disability. Whenever we gather, she was left out most of the times because she cannot hear what we're chatting about. I wonder if there's possibility that she hears something, but too soft or something?

Have you ever imagine yourself being in their shoes? blind. hearing disability. speaking disability.

close your eyes for 10 seconds. 1 minute. 1 day. you have ever seen the world. how beautiful it is. the blue skies, the green mountains, white clouds are all my favourite. i don't know what to do if i were to be blind. But at least i know I have seen them before and I can always picture them in my memory. How about those who are borned blind? In their world, it's always black.

it just stucked my mind when i hummed my fav chorus last night. then i think of those who cant hear it. so sad right? they will never hear the beautiful melody of the everything, the chips sounds the bird makes, the annoying zzzzzzz of the mosquitoes, the quek quek sounds of the ducks... and so on.

Be appreaciate of what you are and what you have.

Question! If you were to choose, you rather be...
a) blind
b) hearing disability & speaking disability (cause they normally comes together)

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  1. rather be none..if have to choose, definitely ill choose B..