Wednesday, September 9

Kereta kecil warna Merah

Green green green, my phone ringing. I pink up the phone and say YELLOW? blue is this? White are you looking for? Don't purplely called for fun if not i won't call you BLACK.

(pretty bored and lame, but that's me!!)

That's my car with a broken exhaust pipe and someone was welding it. It was like the guy was stuck under my car.
welding in the process. ;)
They have this big gigantic tree behind the shop. Nice right? but someone told me if tree has long long string falling from the branch, it's usually haunted. really??
While waiting.
That place reminds me of my childhood playground. My dad used to be a welder and my siblings and I would follow him to work and play with those, er, see pics above.
Sometimes we role played in the car.
"eh, my car spoilt. help me to weld it back."
"Okay!" (pretend to put on glasses and weld)
Ah, so much of memories.

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