Saturday, September 12

Ugly Truth

Relationship. Let's talk about this issue.


I have this male friend.. (in fact i have heard of many similiar stories)

He's shy and like kanasai.
He said: no money no honey. Got money lotsa honey. relationship = responsibility. girlfriend = endless troublesome. and he has NEVER dated.

I say: you're selfish. First off, not everyone (girls) loves money, i mean your money or lotsa money, as long as not super poor then can d right? It depends WHERE you got to know the girls, WHO are the girls and WHAT types the girls are. If you're driving proton cars and want to date a 5series cars, then what do you think? highly maintenance stuff. No good if you have everything but Money. So, get my point?

He said: if it's not going to work out, either she or me gonna suffered, depressed.
Better don't hurt her feelings or break her hearts into pieces!

I say: If the love is genuine, it won't break. as simple as that.

He protested you won't know the future, so better not start it at all. Don't do things that you're not 100% sure/confirm. Better focus on works=money.

I say: DIAO. I never see such a coward and selfish man before. How sure you'll get highly paid job after you're degree? How sure you'll ended up breaking her hearts OR you're afraid yours would be broken? How sure you'll live tomorrow? How sure is 100% sure? Tell me. If everything so sure, I go buy 4D lor.

Only cowards gives excuses and runaway from your own feelings.
Only selfish claims it's for her own good (not to start a relationship) to sound unselfish.

Sigh, at the end of the day, who suffers?


  1. hmm.. i agree with u.. love is about feeling and not about materials.. Well, I won't call that person a coward, but I think he just has a very negative idea of love.. well, love is not about money and money can't buy everything.. however, u also have to know that without it, it's also hard to live with each other. Tell me if u have a guy that u love so much but he's very very poor indeed, do u think both of u can stay together happily? And do u think ur parents would be happy to see that? There's no clear cut to saying thing... money is not everything, but it is sth that help strengthen ur relationship too.. :) correct me if i'm wrong! Anyway, m supporing u.. :)

  2. in this globalized world money is not everything but money is something. <---- i guess u won't deny this gua.
    the characteristics of this guy sound familiar to me. i guess he wont be reading this thing. i'm not siding him but i would not call him a coward nor selfish. he has his points and u have yours. some people like him may not be good in managing their feelings or good in using his words especially when it comes to this matter. but that doesn't mean he is a coward and being selfish. can you speak when u are not taught to? and can u sing when u can't even speak? therefore i would say he may not directly mean what u have interpreted.
    i would like to ask u a personal question as well. what is true love? i'm not trying to pick an argue here but love is a feeling and its very subjective. if u are saying dating for a year is true love. ill say true love is 2 years. if u say 2 ill say 3. and it goes on. first they say they love each other. then they date each other for years. then they break up. what do u call this? =]
    sometimes i don't understand him either. but i understand his intentions and his feelings. u may accept to leave or to be left by the one u don't love anymore or the one u love. i'm sorry, no offence but he may not be ready for that. every human has their own principles and thoughts. he has his and u have yours. they maybe the same they maybe not.
    so ill not say u are right or he is right. IF its true love and BOTH sides are willing to give it a try AND ready to face the outcomes, i guess things will not be the same anymore. i think its just the matter of time. i would say give him some space and time. let him decide himself. let him explore himself.

    have u heard of this lines?

    they say it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.
    i say it is better to hav been loved and lost than not to have lost at all.

    which line will u go for? to me both are fine. how about others? after all it still depends on the individual who is looking at them. =]

    forgive me if i have said some thing which has offend you.

  3. Hey jiap. I wonder if you really know who i'm talking about. Hehehe.

  4. heheh also say very familiar ni lor. din say i know how that person is exactly. =p
    havent answer me oh~~