Thursday, June 17

The operation!

14/June, Monday- A day before Ops.

"You should be here by 10 a.m" and I replied, "On the way" although I was still lying on the bed. The alarm rang a few times since 8.30 a.m but I guess no one would be excited enough to wake up at the first ring of the alarm to be admitted to the hospital, I bet. I quickly rushed to the toilet and get myself cleaned and headed to the hospital.

In the registration, the lady behind the counter who just finished her last piece of kuih asked me, "What class do you want? We only have class 2 and class 3. As for class 3 it's only RM3 and to be shared by 6 people whereas class 2 is RM30, shared by 4 and air-conditioned". I was undecided. I didn't mind paying for the class 2 and didn't mind staying at class 3. Hmm, finally, I asked a question before I decided to take the class 2. "Is there anyone staying in class 2? I didn't want to stay alone" and so, I checked into class 2.

My bed was beside the window. It was a sunny day. I said hello to my two roommates and headed to the cafeteria to have a brunch. I was hungry. Then, I met up with my dentist once more time to get my teeth checked, my surgeon and my anesthetic doctor.

"You'll be given full anesthetic for as long as my surgery takes through breathing and it usually a two-three hours operation. Once you've passed down, a tube will be put in through your nose to your throat for breathing, and glucose water will be given through the needle in your hand. The risks that you might have is heart attack, but at your age, I don't think it's risk. You will have to fast starting tonight to avoid the food /water from your stomach flow back to your lungs." I nodded and sign the form.

That night after the nurse came and take my blood pressure for the third time, she also gave me a small tablet for me to consume before i go to bed. It was meant to calm me down and sleep better. As I was lying on the bed, for the first time in my life, I was excited. I was excited how the anesthetic would take charge of my body and mind, how does it feel to hang water, how does it feels to have 8 teeth removed at once, will I feel pain? Will I fear?

At one point of time, I was imagining a bunch of aliens who are going to pluck my teeth out and combine all of them to form a map to an unknown treasure site. Hahaha.

15/June, Tuesday- The DAY

I hardly slept last night. I was almost awake every 1 hour interval. Finally at 730 I woke up when one of my roommate is being pushed to the operation theater. Mine was at 12 noon. The morning was absolutely stunning I told myself.
It was a good sign, that I'd survived this operation. :) Not that I am worried about not waking up but I was more afraid about how 30% of people weren't really unconscious although given full anesthetic according to the movie AWAKE. Not feeling sleepy, I continued reading "Carrie's Diaries" until the nurse came in and asked me to change into a white gown and a shower cap.

They confirmed my name and IC again. They asked for the details of the operation. I gave full commitment and then I was being pushed into the operation theater. A bunch of nurse and doctors surrounded me. A group of them was putting the needle into my nerve on my right wrist and a another nurse was giving me a jap on my right arm. There was a doctor who put a breathing mask and asked me to breath slowly. I believe that's the anesthetic medicine. My vision went blurry. I realized they gave me another jap through the my right wrist and I coughed so hard and then I passed out.

And the moment I gained my consciousness, it's all done. The whole operation took 5 freaking hours and the doctors said it was a tough one. The nurse asked me to pushed myself back into my own bed and there I was sleeping. I remembered I complaint about sore throat and thirsty. But the doctor explained that the sore throat was due to the tube and I can't be drinking until another 1.5 hours later. I kept fallen asleep. I remembered I vomited a few times that night, and doctor said it's normal too due to the side effects of the anesthetics.

16/June - Wednesday- Discharge
The swollen face. I don't feel pain at all, I guess it's because of the pain killer. But how to reduce swelling on my face? My sister was laughing saying that I have a square face. Hmmph! But whatever it is, I am done with the 8 teeth extraction. Btw, It's not so scary afterall if you maintain positive energy and mentally and physically prepared. :)


  1. seriously very scary reading about your experience! 8 teeth omg >"< hope you recover fast! after that all the pain will be worth it hehe

  2. the last picture, seriously, it's the funniest one i've ever seen or even imagined for all these years that i know u .....

  3. thanks ai ting... It's not that painful compare to the craving of food. hahaha

    Kian, i totally agreed with u. haha