Sunday, June 20


I was very touched by my grandma because at the moment I reached home I was so tired and sick. I walked straight to my room and lied down on the bed trying to rest. She walked in and sat by me. Worried in her eyes, she asked for my condition and she kinda scolded me for going to the operation. Then she tried to touch my chubby cheeks and said "i'll cook porridge for you okay?". :`)) And then and then, when I woke up the porridge was on the table and she was missing with my sister. They came home after that and told me they went to the temple and got the talisman. "God said har, if you didn't take good care later will abscess". She continued, "God also scolded you for doing the operation! 8 teeth is too much!". She was so cute I feel like pinching her cheeks. LOL. The next day, my swollen got better and she said it's because of the talisman. Cute little grandma.

Anyway, my sister stared at me and demanded me to throw out the buns that I keep in between my cheeks. CCB!! My friends asked why my face got fatter but my body remained slim. >.<"
Oh, as if adding salt to my wound, there's an aunt in the shop who asked me for my age, and then she said why I slimmed down so much especially my face! CCBx2. Walao, my face swollen like chipmunks she praised I got slimmer. beh tahan.

Anyway, Happy father's day. It's the saddest one because I can only STARED at all my favorite dishes with teary eyes. T_T~

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