Friday, June 11

Stary stary night

I looked out through the transparent door and saw the sky. It's beautiful. The sunset is amazing, with layers of colors throughout the sky. The tone of yellow, orange and purple beneath the blue sky and white clouds. As the sun going lower, the then bright room is now turning into dim, dark room. My shadow is getting visible and soon the beautiful piece of art outside will turn into total darkness. I hope the stars will join the moon and shine brightly I read my favorite book to sleep.

Hahaha, trying to be artistic with words but I believe I failed. It's Friday. Oh, I was late to work today. The funny thing was, I woke up because I got a SMS from a friend and when I saw the time "7.40a.m", I thought to myself, "my sister is late to work again" because i know by this second she is probably has left the house and I went back to sleep. Three seconds later, I jumped up and "SHIT SHIT SHIT, WHY my alarm didn't ring?". With no make up, hair slightly messy and people asked why I looked sleepy and pale and they also commented that i was like a traffic lights because I was wearing a red shirt, black pants and my beloved yellow sneakers. =.="

The view out there is getting better, more contrast and I am going blind. The monitor is too bright I have to switch on the lights and read my book. Have a nice weekends people. :)

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