Friday, August 6

I have a date with Spring

I remember there was once in her first year I made an IDD call to sang her a birthday songs and said, I'll attend to your convocation.

I remember almost every summer holidays she is back to Msia and we will hang out and she would say, please come and visit me before I left the country.

I remember I used to search flight tickets via search engines available and ended disappointed over the price that I can't afford to buy.

I remember there was once on the balcony we used to dream about our future and she said she would wanna stay there for a few years for working experiences before coming back for real. (At that time, i was relieved because I know I won't be able to save enough to visit her sometime next year because I was still jobless).

Now, allow me to SCREAM....

LAIYEE WE BOUGHT TICKETS TO KOREA..... on your birthday and for your convocation!!!!!!!!!!! Ole ole ole!!

Well, come to think of it, it becomes reality after years of "planning and discussing" which I assume that positive thinking really works which says that all you need is to think and have faith, your brain will generate energy to your surrounding that will adapt to it to make it comes true...bla bla bla... most importantly is that you believe there's such thing.

:`) Tears because I wanted to visit Korea after watching Winter Sonata and Autumn In my Heart series. FUCK. I'm going during Spring. What series do they have for Spring theme? ..... Sien lor, seems like I gonna make my film my very own "I have a date with Spring" and broadcast it in my blog. :)


  1. Spring Waltz lah idiot. Watch it before you go hihi :*

    Law of Attraction!!!!!
    Ole Ole Ole~~~

  3. oo... so fun.. jealousnya aku... but neeway, dun forget my souvenir babe..