Thursday, October 14


I hate the thought of witnessing another broken marriage. Please, whatever is being speculated, whatever is being spread, is not real and mere a misunderstanding..

Is it true that there's no man you can trust, even yourselves?

Have you told lies (white lies) to someone that you adored/loved?

How do you see relationships nowadays, do you still believing that there's "happily ever after"? How ironic that when you're in a relationship, you think that you're leading one of those but when things don't work out eventually, you lost hope and as time passed by you forget how to love, how to be loving, and how to be lovely.

I pray and hope that love still exists, somewhere. Love, which is created and I hope that man doesn't destroyed it by how we destroying our mother nature....

"The most beautiful lotus flower grows from the dirtiest pond" once told by my friend which he hopes that I don't see things from the negative sides. Positive and Negative are just side by side, when you ignore Negative, eventually Positive will appear. In life, we're given choices, why befriended with negative when there's positive out there?


  1. love happens to people who search for it.
    u have a kind heart, so it will happen to u.
    Just wait for it <3

  2. love do still exist...when you believe there's love, there will be love. try search for a book or movie called "Law of Attraction" helped a lot in shaping the me now...cheers to live and life... :)