Friday, November 19


I shall declare that today is the most unproductive day of my forth months here. Oh, chun chun four months today as I joined on July 19th...

Despite it's Friday but I am feeling fuckingly emoly sad.

Sometimes I really wish my close friends are just within an arm's reach. When I need someone to doll up with, I can just grab them. When I need someone to cook meal together, shopping, talking, sharing, happy hour etc, just grab. See it's so convenient isn't it? But of course in reality it's not... they are just so far away....

Or I can't make time for them. I wonder why I'm in such a virtual team. Alright, I chose that topic during my phone interview but that doesn't mean that I would like to be part of it. Ahhh,...

Today I decided to take a glimpse at the road that I'd walked up till this moment. I closed my eyes and I said "thank god" although there were many roadblocks, bumpy roads and water patches. I consider myself extremely lucky, looking at where I have landed now.

Perhaps I need more motivation. No, I need to be honest. I dislike being secretive... Bloody hell. Give me back my freedom. :X

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