Thursday, April 14

PHI: Introduction

Flight tickets to Manila was bought last year during the zero fair promotion launched by Air Asia and we got really good price for a return trip of RM160 per person. Four tickets were purchased however only two made it to the awesome country.

Ladies and gentlemen, the awesome two are Adam and I. In fact we weren't sure if we should proceed with the trip however thanks to our stressful workload we decided to just let our hair loose at the 11th hour without a proper itinerary! With little budget.

So, after a week of pushing the responsibility of research jobs to each other, we decided to meet up on one Saturday to really spend time on deciding where / what to go / do. After two hours of research, we finally came out with a decent plan consists of hiking, snorkeling, and annual local festival celebrations. We praised for the right timing and high-5 for our fruitful findings. :)

Proud, happy, excited ... until ... one point that we realized Air Asia didn't actually land on Cebu but Clark! Wtf. Cebu is in the middle of the country whereas Clark is on the north and 293325km away from apart!!!

Wtf. Ftw.

We blamed each other for the mistakes, silly mistake. Speechless and tired. We could just stared at each other before we started laughing out loud. Well, blessing in disguise, to have known the mistakes now than later.

AAAghh! We dropped everything to a mall nearby to read Lonely Planet.

Long story short, we decided to explore Subic, which is located at east part of Manila island because it's near to the Airport. wtf. Activities listed were snorkeling, hike to Volcano, diving course, and some water sports activities. End of the day, we went home with that Subic plan.

3 days before the trip, I nudged him and told him, "CHANGE OF PLAN"

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