Monday, July 18


Passion is something we love to the the most. Passion could be an activity, a person, or an imagination. When you lost your passion you could be called a walking soul, lifeless object because there would not be any sparks in your eyes, no heart in your action, no mind in your thought. That is the lowest point one could ever achieved in life.

If you happened to reach this point, it's either you take a few steps back or fight through it with the help of your friends and family. These external stakeholders are important to instill love and passion back to your life. With the help of some time, you will soon find yourself slowly growing back interest. Be it on human or object or an imaginary. That's really a turnaround point and leverage on it to brush up the passion and I wish you will successfully consistently have that passion else you have to start from start again.

I realize I have lost the passion in sharing my personal life again and all I wrote is rubbish or trying to be creative with my writings. However the fact is that I am worry, embarrassed, shy, afraid of sharing anything close to my heart because it would show how stupid I am, how desperate I am, how fickle minded I am, how weak I am, etc etc etc.

I wish I could find the former me back into the society. Physically, there's nothing could be changed back (showing my teeth, almost straighten teeth) but I want to be as strong as I used to be and the one who know exactly what she wants in life. Firmly. By then, I would be proud to write it down here.


  1. emo sheateng... how often can I see her like this? I should treasure this moment.. hehe...

  2. tell me la, i would like to listen every single of it...

    yer, i sounded so lesbi... lol