Saturday, August 6

Facebook profile picture

I have a new friend. He showed me his checklist of criteria that he use to find a girlfriend. He asked me to introduce my friends to him his best friend. I say, "Sorry dude, my girl friends are quite short one, don't think meet your pre-requisite of 165cm, you go see my facebook list lar".

I have 1184 facebook friends and I can guarantee no one will ever want to browse through it.

But he did. In fact he shortlisted 30 girls from 1184. Crazy or what?

I was extremely curious who would be in the list. What could he see/ judge from the profile picture alone? If you have a stunning hot looking profile picture you'd be in, doesn't matter if you photoshop or a picture of anyone else right?

To be honest, I was quite surprised by the list. Out of 30:
only 2 whose profile picture of Korean celebrities,
only 5 whose profile picture are way photoshopped,
and the rest are very pretty,tall in reality.

Interesting. I guess I need to change my profile picture already... probably into this?

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