Monday, July 16

Grow Your Muscle

Grow Your Muscle = GYM, how creative is that? As promised, I'll bring you for a tour around my office's gym. Let's go!
Left to Right: Cardio machines, paveway,  weight-lifting equipments
Studio where yoga, aerobics, etc is being conducted. Most right is where the equipments are stored.
Was playing with the infinity mirror. lol
Shock-face to see so many of me. LOL
Yes, I read when I work out because it kills two birds with one stone.1 bird died because I cycled over it and another died of annoyance because I read out loud.  

I really find reading while working out is a great thing to do if only if you are doing something that your hands are free to hold a book / magazine. You feel great because you utilize your time well and guess what, I feel it is easier to climb uphill when my eyes are not staring at the monitor counting how much time left until you come downhill. Even Stephen Covey does reading while working out on a stationary bike. :)

That's basically the overview of the gym and the other half of the remaining floor are where the table tennis tables, pool tables, foosball, darts as well as a music room are stationed. It's really a great place to rejuvenate yourself before the busy kicks in or after a hard day at work. Regardless where you are, remember to wind down and sweat the "fat" out to stay healthy.


  1. that gym looks great... can I tag along?

  2. Yes dear, call me when you visit Msia pleaseeee!!! I'm dying to see you!

  3. next time I go there, I'll call u... hehe... make sure u can come to KL ;)