Friday, July 20

20th July 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I shall declare that 20th July 2012 is the second most important date in my life, my engagement being the first. It is because today...

13 on my face, 2 on my neck and remaining 2 on my upper body.

I have been wanting to remove one particular mole below my right eye for the longest time as many people told me that it is a "crying mole". Today the lady from LeeSinSang told me that it signifies that many unfortunate events in life which often makes me upset. Come to think of it, four of us have that "crying mole" since birth and we have gone through some terrible moments during the separation of our parents.

Right, bye bye crying mole... and also 16 of you too.
Since 1941 and it is run by his daughter now
I came across LeeSinSang when I was searching for the nearest mole removal service nearby my house however I prefer to use traditional methods instead of the latest technology such as laser, surgery or some acidic / chemical products offered by most of the beauty salons / clinic. Long story short, LSS's traditional techniques have survived 6th generations which does not use knife | needle, does not bleed, does not use any chemical products but herbs.

It's an amazing process. They use wooden stick with sharp point, which we called satay stick, dip into some herbs and gently and softly "scratch" the mole and cover it with herbs. That's simple and the whole process took me less than 30 minutes. The drawbacks of this process is that I shall keep them dry and clean which means no gym for a week. Besides, the herbs is dark in color which makes them more obvious. Last but not least, I am forbidden from using facial products | make up for 5-14 days until it is fully healed... o.0
Red spots which will subside after few hours
I purposely made sad face but the truth is it wasn't painful at all except for the one on my neck which was quite bulky. If you were to ask me, i would rank 2-3 out of 10, 10 being very extremely painful. :)

There is a showcase of good mole positions
If you are curious what are considered good moles, refer to the picture above. Generally, I learned that -moles on the nose are not good which interpreted as having tough financial condition,
-moles on the butt are not good as well as it means your spouse might have additional partners, 
-moles on the neck might cause you health problems
-do not take ginger after surgery as it might cause infection / complication

Overall, it was a good experience and I definitely looking forward to seeing my clean face and hopefully a better life. :) I hope I can go invisible for the coming days until the scars are healed as I can't work from home anymore. Colleagues, please do not be frighten, i do not have chicken pox, it was just moles removal.

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  1. Oh what the fuck... this sounds too painful to me.