Wednesday, September 10

looking for a job?

Job description:
Use your finger to point to the workers at the site, shout them to work faster.

Requirements :
Must be able to shout this out L O U D L Y and C L E A R L Y.

"OOIIIIII BAFFaLOor....move your a$$ faster a bit la.... SO SLOW, tak MAKAN AR????"
"EH, mooi.... faster arh..take this thing.. THERE there (pointing to another corner)"
"wah lao eh, si beh ban. Rugilah I, U know ar, i intern here okay. To supervise you guys man... chia lat. Bo eeong la lu lang.. man ka si. SIEN..."

Accomodation provided.
- single bedroom with aircond, with toilet, with TV - astro
Meals included.
- Home-cooked meal.
Sexy and pretty secretary&VP&HR
- madam chua
Strategic location
- beside hotel kami, tired? go sleep lor...
- given a car with free petrol
Allowance / salary
- RM500 and negotiable, depends on personal SKiLLS.

Interested? Anyone??
First come first serve.

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