Sunday, September 7

Poem turned to crap

If i'm blind,
I can't see the beauty of the sky.

If i'm deaf,
i can't hear the melodious song you sang.

If i'm dumb,
I can't uttered the meaningful I love you.

Today i am absolutely complete, a healthy girl, except for the rashes skin.
(potong stim a bit, talk about rashes skin, i think i have it almost twice every year. Damn, I thought i could only have it back in my uni bed, but on my own bed? wtf. I'll upload the pic of my rash tomoro. Previously was more on my arms and upper body, but this time, lower body and both my fat legs are becoming more ugly, with dotted red spots almost every 5mm away. :(. Well, this time i wasn't alone. I wonder why could he has rashes too. )

erm... can't proceed with the poem already. My rashes are calling me to scratch them. They like it soft. wtf, im going insane with these skin!!!!!

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