Monday, September 22

Prediction of Future.

shit, how time flies freak me out of shit. It's already almost end of September le, then it comes October (Raya one week leave approve by myself) , November (busy for part time, maybe) and December(christmas and new year celebration) in the click of eye. Tadah, 2008 gone and comes 2009. Then i foresee i would be travelling for TEN days before i go back to UTP.

fhuh, UTP lagi teruk.

Not even one week back to UTP, already Chinese New Year!!! Can u imagine that? Then it's February already, sure spend first two weeks reschedule the timetable, lazying around. Tadah, March already. Apala lagi, Test week la, assignment pilling la, Quiz la, ponteng class la... eh, mid sem break around this month right? Okay, April. Haha, my birthday month, sure pass faster, can't wait for that day to come ma. The end of april comes May. OMMF, FINAL already.... Then June. Semester break.

Then comes July. Another Semester. Repeat #. Crop off the semester break, because that time I would officially be GRADUATE. FRESSHH from oven. OMG.

Can you imagine, i would be graduating end of next year? That would be my FIVE Freaking years in UTP, and then we would be forever apart from each other already.... then i would get a red bomb( wedding invitation) every while and then. I wonder if anyone would invite me over their wedding because I realized i have spent my first 3 years in UTP with him and my own gang... so sad huh? i gonna mix around already when i got back to UTP. I hope the juniors don't mind hanging out with an OLD aunty and the seniors don't mind to let me in. aiyo.. why sounded so charm?

Not to mention, i will be 23, 23 when i graduate. :(

I'm so stupid right, go and fastforward my track, and get paranoid. btw, I envy July 04 le, they are so committed to each other in their batch. Hey, july 05, when is our trip out as a whole? * *


  1. wat's wrong with being 23 when u grad? i'll be 24 when i grad.

  2. i feel so ooooooold. suddenly, i think im very old. how

  3. i feel old too. >< sigh sheateng ah dont remind people of feeling old!

  4. Jimm,,, we goona leave uni together!!!
    you guys, makin tua makin bernilai.
    we girls, makin tua makin.... tak ternilai?? haha

  5. AHHAHAHAH! apa makin tua makin bernilai! hahahah!


  6. yala, guys grow older, more mature, more money, more bau badan. hahaha.